What kind of web hosting would be better to use

 What kind of web hosting would be better to use

Nowadays in the case of web hosting ssd hosting as well as cloud hosting has become very popular. Earlier hosting users used to create or manage websites using web hosting of normal hard disk.

However, the use of normal hosting is decreasing day by day, because many of us now use SSD hosting, and the reason is that SSD hosting has much better service than normal hard disk. SSD hosting is fast gaining ground now, because we all want to make our website faster, so that site visitors can easily visit our site. And SSD hosting is 20 times faster than normal hosting, you can understand how fast the speed of SSD hosting from normal hosting. But now if you look at hosting companies in foreign countries, they are moving away from normal hard disk and marketing SSD hosting or cloud hosting. There is currently no SSD hosting option to keep your site faster.

What kind of web hosting would be better to use
What kind of web hosting would be better to use

In addition, those who create a new site in a few months to bring good visitors to the site gradually grow, then they want to leave shared hosting to better cloud hosting, SSD VPS and Dedicated server, but many can not. And the reason for not being able to is because the customer's budget is low, technically weak and which would be better to take, etc., including various other issues. If the site has more visitors, the site is loaded, the server goes down if there are more visitors, Cloud Hosting should be used to solve these problems. Cloud Hosting is also very popular for new ecommerce, affiliate site, AdSense blog and business organization or personal Android app and software development.

Now look carefully at the words that I will say or read.

We are starting with 95 out of 100 shared hosting.

So one thing for everyone.

Cpanel hosting is the most popular of all shared hosting.

All three of these cPanel hosting technologies are the most widely used.

E.g., Apache (free), nginx (free), LiteSpeed ​​(paid)

nginx: Pretty good but it's open source and free.

Apach: Apache is a little weaker than nginx, fairly good but it is open source and free.

LiteSpeed: It's not free, it's paid. In the world of light speed technology and servers,
one of the great revolutions of Raja web server is light speed technology. Its performance is much higher than that of Apache. Lite is 8 times more powerful than an Apache server. Lite enhances your PHP performance up to 50 times that of Apache with mod_php. You can also find Apache features at Lightspeed, such as .httaccess, mod_rewrite, mod_security, mod_frontpage.

Lightspeed Server is primarily designed with security in mind. Lights are built-in to protect against DOS or DIDS attacks. Lightspeed Powered Server The server blocks static files if they contain harmful hidden content while serving them. Any hacker only knows what kind of secure server it is. Bypassing harmful content such as shells on the server is fairly difficult.
Lightspeed vs Apache: The
configuration in Apache is in text format but in Lightspeed it is in XML format. Apache needs to be updated manually but at Lightspeed it supports both manual / auto.

Lightspeed Server has a high performance proxy built-in but needs to be installed and used on Apache. Moreover, other security related things like static load balancer, LDAP, anti-dids, connection throttle and many more are built-in at light speed. You need to install a third party to use these things in Apache.
Especially those who are concerned about security can close their eyes and move into the world of lightspeed technology.

Shared hosting

V P S (Virtual private server)
Dedicated hosting (dedicated server)
Cloud hosting
Let's take a look at the details of all these types of web hosting.

What is cloud hosting? (Cloud hosting)
Cloud hosting stands out as one of the most popular and trusted hosting services among bloggers and website owners today. Its performance and speed are of much better quality and this hosting is much safer. In the last few years, cloud hosting has become very popular. And, I myself am using cloud hosting for my blog.

In fact in cloud hosting many web servers are kept together and so you can increase or decrease some of the server requirements such as cpu, RAM or storage as you need. In this way, whenever the traffic or visitors to your website increases, you can easily increase the performance of your web server.

And, in time, you can reduce performance. The chances of a website going down on cloud hosting can handle much less and more traffic. You can also rely on cloud web servers for security.